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HaoKang Vision

To be best of the best in great service among all companies worldwide 


HaoKang  Mission

Take every action to ensure high quality, think and act before customer perspective, exceed customer expectations


HaoKang Spirit

Be sincere and reliable, Be responsible and professional, Practice teamwork, Achieve excellence


HaoKagn Core Values

Quality is our life. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. Everything we do at HaoKang is driven by an unyielding passion for excellence in identifying and delivering solutions that exceed expectations.



In today's fast-developing global economy, innovation is critical to a company's survival. Our heritage inspires us to keep innovative thinking all the time for continuous improvement.



A business cannot be successful unless it creates prosperity and opportunity for others. We have a dream--customers could win more through our Great Service; we have a dream—all HaoKang people could realize their own dreams while striving for HaoKang Dream.


Social Responsibility

Sustainability isn't only important for people and the planet, but also is vital for business success. We are environmentally responsible and drive to sustainability. And we actively support the communities and make contribution to society in which we do business.