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Advantages and disadvantages of melamine tableware Big Secret

Advantages melamine tableware

1) Melamine tableware health and safety, non-toxic, odorless, safe to use; effective defense corrosive grease, acids, alkalis and other solvents! Melamine tableware temperature performance is very good, the best performance is between -20 ℃ ~ +110 ℃ between.

2) In melamine tableware, and its weight is very light, a little slight moderate weight feeling! Surface can be beautifully printed, colorful format pattern, colored tableware to ensure the effectiveness of gloss, not prone to peeling!

Melamine tableware texture is very good, with the traditional ceramic tableware can be comparable, relatively low thermal conductivity, heat even if consumers use it to hold food, you can easily hold the melamine tableware live without being hot to!

Disadvantages melamine tableware

1) After a long period of melamine tableware affect heat, pH, and will make the surface layer of brown scar, seriously affect the appearance!

2) Melamine tableware Precautions

Do not use fire barbecue, or close to the fire; Please avoid impact or rapid temperature changes administered under hot conditions, so as not to rupture; do not lend strong impact, in order to avoid cracking or breakage. Do not use a damaged or broken edges goods. Do not place hot iron plate or soup pot heat.

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