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Are melamine cat bowls safe to use?


I bought some recently, i didnt know they were melamine until i read the back. which i didnt do in store. 
but i was wondering are the
melamine pet bowls safe? i heard here were some melamine poisonings. but wasnt that just because it got into food? would a bowl be okay? 


The melamine dog bowls will be fine - the problem with the melamine poisoning is that it was put into the glutens used in some pet foods (and baby formula as well). Melamine is safe when used as a bowl or plate, but like many things it was not intended to be eaten! Melamine won't cause the chin acne as quickly as other plastics, as it's not porous like the traditional plastics. Those are "soft" and harbor bacteria, which can infect a cat's chin as they are eating. Be sure though to wash the cat's bowls just like you do your own dishes - it doesn't matter what they are made of if they are not properly washed or cleaned.