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Types Of Cutting Boards --- 2, Corian cutting board

2.  Corian cutting board is a new type of kitchen cutting board created by DuPont after melamine dinnerware. These cutting boards are completely non-porous, so they're more resistant to bacteria than many other cutting boards and there's less chance of cross-contamination — say, from meat to vegetables. Plus, a Corian cutting board is very easy to clean. This is a definite plus! They also come in a variety of beautiful colors which, like plastic cutting boards, makes them easy to mix and match with your kitchen decor — if that is important to you.

But how well does a Corian cutting board hold up?… Well, that’s another story entirely. While their pretty colors, ease of cleaning, and the fact that they are more resistant to bacteria are all great things, a Corian cutting board cannot be used as a hot pad, nor put in direct sunlight — both of which will stain and discolor the cutting board. Also, Corian cutting boards are hard on knives. If you want a kitchen cutting board that is still going to look nice a year from now, this may not be the best choice.