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Types Of Cutting Boards --- 3, Wood cutting board

3.  The wood cutting board is the old standby, and many people swear by them no matter how many new fangled cutting boards come on the market. Wood cutting boards certainly have the charm of looking beautiful in an old-fashioned, rustic sort of way in the kitchen except for melamine dinnerware  And while they are not as easy to clean, many of us don’t mind hand cleaning and sanitizing our wooden cutting boards simply because they do look so nice.

However, regardless of the fact that wood cutting boards have been used for centuries, wooden cutting boards will eventually wear out. They do get grooves in th
em from the knives you use on them, and this can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Because of this, you should always replace any wood cutting boards that have knife grooves in them to avoid the possibility of cross contamination between foods. Another disadvantage to using a wood cutting board is that they cannot be used as a hot pad for obvious reasons, wood and extreme heat don’t mix unless you want a fire in your kitchen!