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Types Of Cutting Boards-4, A tempered glass cutting board

A tempered glass cutting board is another popular type of cutting board except for melamine cutting board. Personally, glass cutting boards are my favorite for a number of reasons — the first being that they are so easy to clean. I can simply put them in the dishwasher, and then they are ready to be used again. Also, there is no danger of getting grooves from your knives on a glass cutting board — so there's no place for bacteria to hide, which I think makes them especially nice. Glass cutting boards come in different colors and designs, which can make them an attractive accessory in your kitchen. Finally, tempered glass cutting boards are resistant to heat, meaning you can use them as a hot pad (my personal favorite). They are quite durable as well; I have dropped mine more than once and never had one shatter.

Like with any cutting board though, tempered glass cutting boards have their disadvantages as well. For one, they can dull your knives. This can be a big deal if you find yourself constantly resharpening your knives because your cutting board keeps dulling them. Another disadvantage of a glass cutting board is the nasty sound that comes out when the knife meets the tempered glass surface. This can be really aggravating, akin to the sound of fingernails on a blackboard.