Good Quality Japanese Chinese Rice Cereal Bowl

ommercial quality can be used in restaurants
food shops
catering halls
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melamine bowls wholesale
melamine noodle bowl

Melamine japanese rice bowl Dimension   

black matt melamine rice bowl.png4" black matt melamine rice bowl10*5cm100g
4.5" black matt melamine rice bowl11.5*5.5cm120g
5" black matt melamine rice bowl12.8*6cm160g
5.5" black matt melamine rice bowl14*6.8cm180g
melamine sushi noodle bowl.png5" melamine sushi noodle bowl12.5*5cm130g
7" melamine sushi noodle bowl17.8*7cm245g
7.5" melamine sushi noodle bowl19*7.5cm310g
8" melamine sushi noodle bowl20.2*8.3cm350g
8.5" melamine sushi noodle bowl21.5*8.7cm435g
9" melamine sushi noodle bowl22.8*9.2cm495g

Order HaoKang Melamine japanese rice bowl

●Professional grade and durable melamine with a clear finish for protection.

●Commercial quality can be used in restaurants, food shops, catering halls, Etc.

●Melamine 100%, Plastic Bowl

●Not contained food over 100 C. Degree

●Modern and trendy for hospitality and foodservice industry

●Dishwasher safe, BPA Free, not for use in microwave oven

●Acid-Base resistance, Scratch resistance except from knifes, Dishwasher safe.


Quick Details of Melamine japanese rice bowl

●Description: Good Quality Japanese Chinese Rice Cereal Bowl

●Dinnerware Type: Melamine japanese rice bowl

●Material: 30% or 100% melamine or Bamboo fiber

●MOQ: 3000sets